About Us
CANTAM EXPRESS is focused on small to medium size companies of all industries for providing Third Party Logistics (3PL) services. We build strong long-lasting relationship with our customers. We adapt our services according to your needs and requirements. We help customers reduce distribution costs and transportation and handling fees, while assuring the safe storage of goods. CANTAM EXPRESS conveniently located near all major highways, Toronto International Airport and CN Brampton terminal, and has a square footage of approximately 20,000. Multiple dock doors allow us to effectively load and unload intermodal containers, highway trailers, and straight-trucks for local service

Our Vision
We will contribute to customer success and satisfaction by providing reliable, responsive and efficient service.
Our customers will consider Cantam Express an industry leader in quality and view us as partners working with them to meet their needs.

Cantam Express manages your inventory, effectively and accurately. Our on-line information systems allow you to track your inventory

CANTAM EXPRESS is more than storage, more than warehousing. We are your supply chain partner.